Join the Boho Community of Vendors!

We are a pop-up artisan market that brings local, handcrafted, and vintage items together to open-air venues across Texas. If you're looking to join a community of small businesses intent on supporting each other, click the button below and start the onboarding process.
QUICK NOTE: While we cheer on all small businesses, The Boho Market's mission is to champion and support locally made, handcrafted, ethically sourced, and vintage small businesses. We ask that all Boho vendors have a hand in creating, designing, or curating their collection, and do our best to ensure all goods arrive at Boho events under fair trade and ethical sourcing.

Unfortunately, we do not accept the following vendors:
  • MLM
  • Direct Sales
  • Non-product-based businesses
  • Drop-shipped items
  • various pictures of boho market